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“Submit” send the information entered to the Hub via email.  Subscriptions can be set up either through the Hub or at a Shed session using reference “GMS – your name” in the Bank payment.



  1. You can expect Grassington Hub to:
  • Only use information provided on this from to contact you with regard to your membership of “The Shed”;
  • Provide adequate insurance cover for you whilst undertaking your men’s shed activities;
  • Provide adequate training and feedback in support of our health and safety policy;
  • Ensure that all members are dealt with in accordance with our equality and diversity policy;
  • Provide thorough induction and training around the safe operation of machinery and equipment;
  • Provide a named person with whom you can discuss your men’s shed experience, and any successes and problems;
  • Endeavour to resolve fairly any problems and difficulties you may have while you are a member of “The Shed”;
  1. Grassington Hub expects you:
  • To act as an ambassador for “The Shed” and Grassington Hub at all times;
  • To read the Members Handbook and any newsletters;
  • To attend training sessions relevant to your Men’s Shed activities, particularly around the safe use of equipment and health & safety;
  • If you are working as a session leader, to ensure health & safety standards are met, and to complete any paperwork which may be required at each “The Shed” session;
  • To enjoy yourself.